Aardwolf tot Ystervark
Aardwolf tot Ystervark
Aardwolf tot Ystervark
Aardwolf tot Ystervark


Riëtte’s excellent and authoritative guide, Aardvark to Zebra, is an indispensable reference work which is even more important than my camera, and is first to be packed when we visit a national park. Feel free to leave other reading material at home. Aardvark to Zebra will make your game-park visit an unforgettable experience! Riaan Cruywagen, former TV news reader.

In spite of my 40 years of experience in wildlife and conservation I stood in awe of the comprehensiveness of this publication. The text draws on the latest research as well as personal experiences of highly regarded individuals, which greatly enhances the accuracy of the book. I must admit that I learnt a lot from working through the publication. There is certainly no shortage in facts. The text is richly illustrated with photographs, some really uniquely supporting the written word. It all makes it a remarkably informative publication.  Johan Fourie, former MD of the Nature College and author of several books for wildlife training and education.

In South Africa we are privileged to have a very diverse natural environment. Our range of publications (including field guides) on the various aspects of the natural environment, count amongst the best (if not THE best) in the world. Regarding the great variety of mammals to be found in our region a number of very useful books have been published in recent years. The encyclopaedic Aardvark to Zebra certainly deserves top position. Various features make this publication extremely reliable and most useful.

This excellent publication is almost indispensable for:

¨ Anyone who wants to learn more (much more!) about the wonders of creations and, more specific, about the 70 animals discussed in this book.

¨ Nature guides and field rangers. (Even experienced guides WILL learn a lot!)

¨ Institutions involved in the training of nature guides and field rangers.

¨ Farmers and managers of game farms and nature reserves.

¨ Visitors to nature reserves, including overseas tourists.

Louis Jordaan, nature guide and environmental educator.

I wish I had this book available when I was doing my research for presenting  “Die Week se Wildwyshede”, part of “Wild&Wragtig” a TV program on kykNet. Knowing well how long it took me to compile 36 questions, I am staggered by Riëtte’s 2200 plus questions and answers, all done in far more detail than I have ever encountered in a book of this kind. This monumental task must have ta-ken many years of dedicated work, consultation with many experts. This book is a must for all nature lovers, adventurers and conservationists. Even if you are currently not one of these, start reading the book and you will soon be converted! Jokl le Roux, geologist/palleontologist, qualified professional hunter and registered tourist guide involved in the production of the TV series Wild&Wragtig and has written more than 350 articles for outdoor magazines such as Magnum and Wild&Hunt.

 We had no idea it would be so comprehensive and informative. We congratulate you on an incredible achievement. I felt privileged that my photographs were included in the book.

Dennis King, author and photographer.


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